Project Explorer view

The Project Explorer view displays, in a tree structure similar to the C/C++ Projects view, but it is not limited to C and C++ projects. In this view you can do the following:

Files that you select in the Project Explorer view affect the information that is displayed in other views.

Right-click on any resource in the Project Explorer view to open a pop-up menu that allows you to perform operations such as copying, moving, creating new resources, comparing resources with each other, or performing team operations.

Project Explorer view

Project Explorer toolbar

The table below lists the toolbar options displayed in the Project Explorer view.

Icon Name Description
Minimize icon Minimize Minimizes the view.
Maximize icon Maximize Maximizes the view.
Collapse All Icon Collapse All This command collapses the tree expansion state of all resources in the view.
Link with Editor Icon Link with Editor This command toggles whether the view selection is linked to the active editor. When this option is selected, changing the active editor will automatically update the selection to the resource being edited.
Menu Icon Menu Click the black upside-down triangle icon to open a menu of items specific to the view.

Top Level Elements
Choose whether to show working sets or projects as top level elements. Choosing working sets allows easy grouping of projects in large workspaces.

Select Working Set
Opens the Select Working Set dialog to allow selecting a working set for the view.

Deselect Working Set
Deselects the current working set.

Edit Active Working Set
Opens the Edit Working Set dialog to allow changing the current working set.

Package Presentation
Choose to display packages in flat or hierarchical form.

Customize View
This command allows customization of view filters and content modules. The previous will allow you to suppress the display of certain types of files while the later will allow entirely new types of content to be shown in the view.

Link Editor
See the toolbar item description above.

The Project Explorer view is provided by the Eclipse Platform. See the Workbench User Guide for more information.

Project Explorer view icons

The table below lists the icons displayed in the Project Explorer view for C/C++ content.

Icon Description
C or C++ file icon C or C++ file
Executable file icon Debuggable executable file
C or C++ object file icon Object file
Class icon Class
Macro Definition icon Macro Definition
Enum icon Enum
Enumerator icon Enumerator
Variable icon Variable
Field private icon Field private
Field protected icon Field protected
Field public icon Field public
Include icon Include
Makefile icon Makefile
Method private icon Method private
Method protected icon Method protected
Method public icon Method public
Namespace icon Namespace
Namespace declared icon Namespace declared
Struct icon Struct
Type Definition icon Type definition
Union icon Union
Function icon Function

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