Problems view (C/C++)

Use the Problems view to display any errors encountered during a build.

Problems View

Errors are passed up from your C++ compiler. The Problems view lists the error, filename and folder. If you select an error the associated file will open in a C/C++ Editor view, and the cursor and text highlighting will display the line where the error was encountered.

C/C++ Perspective in Eclipse showing code errors

Problems view toolbar options

The table below lists the toolbar options displayed in the Problems view.

Menu icon View Menu Click to open a menu of items specific to the view, including:
  • Show - specify which errors or warnings are shown
  • Group By - specify error grouping
  • Sort By - specify how errors are sorted
  • New Problems View - create a new Problems view
  • Configure Contents... - opens the Configure Contents dialog box
  • Columns... - opens the Configure Columns dialog box
  • Preferences - opens the Preferences dialog box

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