Editor preferences

Use the command linkEditor preference panel to control the appearance of text highlighting in C/C++ editors.

Editor Preferences Panel

Option Description
Smart caret positioning in identifiers Treats CamelCase identifiers as being made up of separate words.
Report problems as you type Problems found will be immediately highlighted in the editor.
Highlight matching brackets When the cursor is beside a bracket, the matching bracket is highlighted.
Highlight inactive code Highlights inactive code when the cursor is positioned inside it.
Appearance color options Lists the items for which you can specify a color.
Color Specifies the color in which to display the selected item.
Documentation tool comments Specifies which documentation tool should be used to determine editor presentation and behaviors. This enables editor features such as content-assist, documentation comment generation and syntax highlighting. The particular tool selected here will be used for files that are not associated with a project, or where no project level preference has been set.

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