Advanced preferences

Use the Advanced panel in the Preferences window to configure the behavior of the Content Assist (Ctrl+Space) command.

Content Assist Preferences Dialog Box

Advanced Content Assist Preference Options
Option Description
Default Proposal Kinds Specifies the types of proposals Content Assist uses and the key bindings assigned.
Content Assist Cycling Specifies the order and types of proposals Content Assist will cycle through.
Up Moves the selected proposal item up in the cycling list.
Down Moves the selected proposal item down in the cycling list.
Timeout for each proposal kind (ms) Specifies the number of milliseconds a code completion proposal kind is allowed to compute proposals. If it takes more time then it is assumed that this proposal kind is faulty. In this case a dialog is opened and an appropriate message is shown to the user
If the value is 0 each completion proposal can compute as long as it needs to before being assumed to be faulty.

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