Syntax Coloring preferences

Use the Syntax Coloring preference panel to specify how C/C++ source code is rendered. Each element category (Code, Comments, and Preprocessor) contains a list of language elements that may be rendered with its own color and style.

Note that general text editor settings such as the background color can be configured on the general Text Editors preference pages. Fonts may be configured on the general Colors and Fonts preference page

Syntax Coloring Preferences Page

Syntax Coloring Preference Options
Option Description
Enable semantic highlighting Checkmark to activate semantic highlighting of specific structures in the elements listed.
Enable Makes the selected element active for syntax coloring.
Color Specifies the color in which to display the selected element.
Bold Makes the selected element bold.
Italic Makes the selected element italic.
Strikethrough Makes the selected element strikethrough.
Underline Makes the selected element underlined.

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