RTist 11.0 2020.16

173440: Default platform not selected when performing clean build.

Clean dialog has been improved and now it also contains Build Variants section that allows user to select correct Build variants configuration for Building after clean when "Build selected transformation configuration after clean" is checked.
Fixed in RTist 11.0 2020.16

173424: RTist 10.3 - model compiler - CPPPropertySet settings in model libraries

Model compiler has been fixed to correctly handle CPPPropertySet settings defined in model libraries from an Eclipse plugin. Now, CPP native types like std::string and configurations such as "header preface" which are stored in CPPPropertySets in the referenced model library are correctly generated into C++. This has been fixed in RTist 10.3 2020.16.

173229: Improve Clean support for External Library TCs

Now External Library TCJS has a new property "Clean command".
For example:
tc.externalCleanCommand = 'echo "External Clean Command"';
This command should be generated into batch.mk (both Inclusive and Recursive) and invoked when clean is performed from batch makefile with:
make -f batch.mk clean
Implemented in RTist 11.0 2020.16

172965: Missing Visualize->Explorer in Browse Diagram option in the context menu for TCJS files in ProjectExplorer

1.Visualize->Explorer in Browse Diagram option is added as Experimental feature (context menu of TCJS files in Project Explorer).
2.Prerequisites of TCJS file will be visualized as a graph.
3.The feature can be enabled from "Preferences > Experimental Features".
4.Path for Graphviz dot utility has to be specified in "Preferences > Visualization".