RTist 10.3 2020.03

173410: Return type: unsigned int __stdcall

Return type "unsigned int __stdcall" is now supported.
__stdcall and other calling conventions are supported for CppPrimitiveDatatypes.

173368: Build Server has failed to start

Improved Model Compiler Server startup protocol, error reporting and logging. Extended await time for reply from server during startup. Added system property com.ibm.xtools.umldt.rt.transform.cpp.ui.serverTimeout that can be used to specify maximum time in ms that the tool will wait for notification that server has been started

173327: CQPAR00247319 MC: Stop after first build error.

Now when building several TCs from one command line, model compiler will stop after first build error.
Added a new command line option --keepBuilding to continue building remaining TCs even if compilation failed for one of them. This was done in 10.3 2020.03

173237: CQPAR00247184 Build Server has failed to start with the following command

Fixed RTE Server and Model Compiler Server to start on localhost/ instead of to avoid being blocked by firewall.
Added printing information about IP address to workspace/.log :
!ENTRY com.ibm.xtools.umldt.core 1 0 2020-01-13 22:32:40.682
!MESSAGE UMLMDDCorePlugin.startServers(): RTE Server started on localhost/ at port 60005
and mc.server.log:
13.Jan 22:38:49 MCS : Model Compiler Server: server running on localhost/ at port 60006
This was delviered in 10.3 2020.03

173202: RFE: C++11 support for rvalue reference

RValue references (&&) are supported now. Types like "MyClass &&" are correctly generated into target code. Custom move constructors and move assignments can be defined by creating UML Operations with the following signatures:
MyClass( MyClass&& param ); // move constructor
MyClass& operator=( MyClass&& param ); // move assignment

173051: CQPAR00244536 - Model debugger crashes in RTDaemon::eventMatches when using view Variables

Added synchronization to observability daemon.
This was delivered in 10.3 2020.03

135650: Possibility to reorder nested classes.

Now it possible to reorder nested types (Class, Interface and Enumerations) in dedicated property page for Capsules, Classes and Interfaces