RTist 10.3 2019.19

173034: Null pointer exception when general tab in properties view is focused for an operation

Added NP-check when calculating some properties

173011: CQPAR00244186 - "Compile data classes individually" result in an incorrect UnitName.cpp

Now "#pragma implementation" generation correctly handled for multiple classes with different settings for "Generate File". This was done in 10.3 2019.19

173008: CQPAR00244171 - Model compiler corrupts external library build command for clean target

Fixed generation of clean command into batch.mk for External TCs. For the clean command Model Compiler replaces a target for build with target "clean" and now it respects make options with arguments (like, -f FILE) and does not corrupt make command.
Fixed in RTist 10.3 2019.19.

173001: CQPAR00244064 - Intermittent: "Starting make in folder: invalid" when CDT project removed

The cause of this issue is incorrect update of the digest file that keeps track of modification. Problem has been fixed. This was done in 10.3 2019.19

172972: Changed xmi:id when the profile version is updated on a model - more problems

Profile migration will keep xmi:id of existing stereotype applications for Marking models

172959: Model Fixup: Problems with 'Unnecessary regions removal'

Fixup was fixed to correctly handle situation when parent element of the state where region is null.

172926: Model Fixup: Problems with 'Unnecessary junction points removal'

Fixup was updated to correctly handle situation when parent element of junction point can't be obtained.

172874: git difftool (RTist two-way compare) is displaying the state diagrams incorrectly.

Check for RT context has been added.

172830: 2684: Model Fixup unexpected behavior

- "Incorrect type reference" fixup was fixed to report status when there were no updates after its run in Analyze mode
- Documentation RTist documentation: Model Fixup Plugin.html was updated to describe format changes that are implicitly applied when running fixups
- "Setting elements for multiplicity labels on structure diagrams" fixup was moved down in the list of fixups on the wizard page, and its description now stays that it should be applied only when migrating from Rose RT