RTist 10.3 2018.44

172437: Delete port option is disabled in context menu, but can be deleted via keyboard key

Enabled 'Delete from Model' menu item for Port symbols

172417: RFE Compartment for Internal Transitions should support columns

Internal transitions are displayed in several columns to make compartment more compact.
It is possible to place internal transitions compartment to the right of the main diagram frame to get more compact display for vertically oriented diagrams.

172392: CQPAR00238885 - Connectors between parts is not WYSIWYG

Connection feedback routing has been fixed so it matches actual connection shape. This was delivered in 10.3 2018.44

172370: CQPAR00238740 - RSA-RTE: Model Compiler: create option to detect source dependencies automatically

- Preference "Detect source dependencies automatically" was added to the C++ preference page
- Missing sources are added automatically by the Model Compiler when this preference is on
- Added dependencies are printed into UML Development build console if "Report details about automatically added source elements" is enabled.
This was delivered in 10.3 2018.44.
In 10.3 2019.43 we have improved log messages printed for missing sources and added final message with overview of all added sources :
12:41:06 : INFO : Adding missing sources on-the-fly to "AutoSources/buildWithPrereq.tcjs" :
'platform:/resource/AutoSources/AutoSources.emx#_N3m2EOqZEemPka_TKJ4ApA' /* AutoSources::Capsule2 */,
'platform:/resource/AutoSources/AutoSources.emx#_RVZyoOqZEemPka_TKJ4ApA' /* AutoSources::Local_RENAMED */,
'platform:/resource/OtherProject1/OtherProject1.emx#_CWreoOqbEemPka_TKJ4ApA' /* OtherProject1::OtherClass2 */,
'platform:/resource/OtherProject1/OtherProject1.emx#_AQqNUOqbEemPka_TKJ4ApA' /* OtherProject1::OtherClass1 */,
'platform:/resource/OtherProject1/OtherProject1.emx#_D516gOqbEemPka_TKJ4ApA' /* OtherProject1::OtherClass3 */
It is printed in such a format that you can just copy sources from the log and paste into TCJS editor into the Code tab and then save updates in TCJS file on disk.

172323: Query->Impact Analysis generates files with spaces

All Traceability commands are now hidden for Capsule Development viewpoint.

151165: Context Menu Transform->New Configuration is shown on all items in the project explorer

Menu contribution Transform was removed from PE context menu.