On the way to C++ simplification

February 14, 2017

Despite the fact that RTist was originally designed as a strict follower of the UML2 standard, the vast majority of our current users exclusively build applications in C/C++. Those of you who are used to think and design more in the C++ domain rather than in UML, will appreciate our current efforts of streamlining the user interface for C++ developers. This is still work in progress, but you can take a look on what already have been done.

As an RTist C++ user, you should activate the "Capsule Development" view point. If you are running RTist with the default settings, this perspective would be active from the beginning.

The general goal of simplification is to show only those elements, properties, names, labels and signatures which users find relevant. In addition to better tool performance, this helps users to easily find and use the information they need. The Project Explorer and the Properties view are the main parts of the user interface that are affected by the C++ adoption. There are too many changes to list them all, but here are some of the most significant ones:

Project Explorer

Properties view

We still have a couple of improvements in the backlog such as C++ syntax support for creating elements and C++-to-model synchronization. But we are eager to receive your feedback and proposals for how RTist can become even more C++-friendly. Send us your proposals to rsarte@hcl.com and your idea will be taken into account.