Don't have all projects in your workspace? Not a problem anymore!

August 3, 2017

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Working with a production model typically means having a large number of projects distributed among different teams or groups. We use the term external projects for those projects which are currently not part of your workspace, but others in your team may be working with them in their workspaces. In some scenarios, you may want to search in those projects, and, if something interesting is found, import them into your workspace. To have this functionality enabled, you should first define the location where to look for external projects. By default, external projects are not used. You should go to the preference page: Team - External Projects where you can specify the location in the file system where to look for external projects. You can also use a special map file for defining the locations (see the chapter “Index management and external projects” in this document for details how to setup a map file for external projects).

To search in external projects, you should select the "Workspace and External Projects" scope in the Search menu (located next to the search field). Note that this menu command becomes available only when you have enabled the support for external projects as described above.

In the search result, you will be able to see matches found in external projects, and the Navigate command will import them into your workspace before navigation takes place (depending on the project size, it could take some time). The search index stores information from models contained in the external projects.

To explicitly import external projects, you should use the command under main menu File—Import—Team: External Projects. The import wizard will contain the list of projects in the defined location.

Try to work with external projects and provide us your feedback by emailing to