RTist 10.3 2019.23

Published on June 13, 2019

The June release of RTist 10.3 comes with many improvements that are worth looking into. Let's have a brief look at some of them.

It's no longer necessary to suspend an application to view capsule attributes in the Variables view. Now, attributes and their values are shown every time a capsule instance is selected in the Debug view, even when the application is running. Related to this are two new buttons in the Variables view toolbar. Refresh will request the current values of all attributes of the selected capsule instance and refresh the view to show them. And Toggle Monitor Variables can be toggled if you want values to be updated automatically as they are changed at run-time.

A new preference (RealTime Development – Automatically commit changes from modified generated files) can be set in order to automatically commit code-to-model synchronization changes. When set, the dialog will still appear (so you are notified about that the changes made were picked up), but will be automatically closed after 2 seconds. There is a check box in the dialog that can be used as a quick way to set this preference.

The model compiler can now generate initialization of attributes in header files (a C++ 11 feature). You can choose between using brace initialization, or initialization using an "equal assignment".

int a { 4 };
int a = 4;

Finally, we can mention an improvement in the library lib-tcp-server that is available on GitHub. It is now possible to make a reply for an invoke that the RT application does, and which arrives at an external application as a TCP message. Just send a "reply" command as a response to the received TCP message. For example:

{ "command": "reply", "port" : "camera", "event" : "imageFilename", "data" : "StdString \"D:/temp/test.jpg\"" }

We hope you will enjoy this new release of RTist.

Mattias Mohlin
Architect for HCL RTist